The Eternal Dance (Eclipse Dance) by Amara Karuna

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August 21st, 2017

On the morning of the total solar eclipse, i was on a farm called Teeth of the Goddess, in lovely open fields in Molalla, OR, just south of Portland.  A circle of around 20 people gathered, mostly folks who had just attended the Northwest Sufi Camp.  We sang and danced and prayed.  

That morning, a song and dance came through to honor the majesty and awe engendered by this amazing event.  We danced it for the first time on the crest of the hill, as the sky was darkening.  It’s called The Eternal Dance (aka Eclipse Dance).

The attunement is awe and surrender to the vastness of life, and affirming that we can dance through all the shades of both dark and light in our lives.  The song and dance may be done as a round, and also it can be sung in Spanish.

The words are:

1. The moon, 

2. and sun, 

3. and earth

4. are dancing, dancing (repeat)

5. Dance in the shadow,

6. Dance in the light (repeat)

Also the words in Spanish are:

La luna, el sol, la tierra 

están bailando (repeat)

Danza la sombra (or: Danza en la sombra)

Danza la luz (repeat) (or: Danza en la luz)

The movements are: In a circle, side stepping right, face center

1. Moon crescent - is formed with right arm up, left arm down, form a crescent with palms up

2. Sun mudra - bring hands shoulder height in front, palms face out to radiate light

3. Earth mudra - palms face down to earth, arms down toward the front of body

4. step in a half step, and back, so it is a rocking movement.  Raising arms up to center as you step in, bring back to heart as you step back.

5. Step backwards as you bring your hands to cover your face in shadow

6. Step to center as you raise your hands up to the sky, opening to the light

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