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Welcome to the Dances

Complete Circle- Maui Sufi camp

Oh Earth Beautiful Dance

Join us for Dances of Universal Peace

Open your heart and deepen into the practice of the Dances of Universal Peace, in the lush warmth of Hawaii.  Maybe it’s time to treat yourself to a pilgrimage to greet Pele!

Come build friendships, relax and unwind in the sweetness of community!

The Dances of Universal Peace are simple interfaith “folk” dances which involve participants singing, chanting and moving in harmony, creating a feeling of fellowship and warmth. 

Singing and chanting sacred, ancient phrases creates a heart opening, full body healing vibration, and when conscious movement is added it becomes a powerful spiritual practice.

These dances are easily learned, with gentle movements that even "non-dancers" can greatly enjoy. Dances are celebrations of life, drawn from world-wide cultures (including Hindu, Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Hawaiian,  Native American, Ancient Middle Eastern, Celtic and others).

Led by Amara Karuna and other leaders in Pahoa, Hawaii


Amara has been leading the Dances of Universal Peace since 1985 and is Senior Dance Leader, involved in mentoring new Dance leaders.  She has been on teaching staff for five Sufi Camps has led many weekend retreats, zikrs and rituals which included the Dances.

She served as Secretary, and then President, on the Core of the International Council for the Dances of Universal Peace, working as a volunteer to oversee the organization for  several years.  In summer 2002 she was the coordinator for the first International DUP Council meeting in the Netherlands, and helped to bring the Dances to France.  She specializes in Dances from the Goddess and Earth traditions, and leads with lively humor and devotion.  She is a Sheikha in the SRI lineage of Sufism.